Villa Frere en plein air session with students

By: Joseph Casapinta | 20 Jun 2015

Gazebo me No2


Today’s art session with my students took us for an en plein air at Villa Frere in G’Mangia.  We met Mr. Peter Borg Ghigo, one of the administrators for the up keep of the Gardens, who took us for a very interesting show-round, explaining in a picturesque detail of how the lands and gardens looked in the time when John Hookham Frere lived with his family.  Unfortunately the most of the land was practically taken over for public services and a small left over of the gardens are in a very bad state.  A group titled ‘Friends of Villa Frere’ is running an on going campaign and restoring this place to near its former glory.  Thank you Peter for giving us this wondering experience and opportunity to find new subject matter for our painting passion.