Villa Frere – A Historical Garden in total dispair

By: Joseph Casapinta | 23 Jun 2015

DangerAfter visiting Villa Frere gardens with a couple of art students and painting snippets of what is left over of the garden, I was surprised how such a wonderful place was left to become a shamble and a total disgrace for the local authorities to allow this garden to end in such a state.

I have decided to put up some articles, sent to me by Peter Borg Ghigo, on my blog.

Independent Article  Times of Malta  Torca Article (In Maltese)  Torca Article (In Maltese)

Night Time Video by Peter Borg Ghigo

Visit the Facebook page – Friends of Villa Frere.  This group is trying to save this historical place.  Moving a stone is just like finding a needle in a haystack.

Facebook Link to Friends of Villa Frere