A Brush With Passion - Joseph Casapinta 2015 - The Palace, Valletta

The possibilities of watercolour painting is endless. In Malta quite a few artists attempted to excel in this exciting and eclectic medium. Joseph Casapinta is one of the front liners who established a name in this medium and today is well known for his remarkable watercolour studies of landscapes and all that exists in nature. Joseph is an artist who has developed a style known for its masterful balance of spontaneity and control of the watercolour brush. The artist works with great ability and agility and successfully exerts general liberating and stimulating influence through his fresh and varied way of defining light and colour. Although Joseph Casapinta’s colour palette is very limited, he effectively creates an artistic vision of the natural world around us. The artist usually focuses on the overall impression of what he sees in front of him and employs daring colours and expressive brushwork while keeping details to a minimum. Maintaining a balance of positive and negative shapes in his compositions, Joseph creates rich and overlaps shapes that allow him to produce works of art that are dynamic and somewhat interpretive.

Joseph Casapinta is mostly fascinated by our landscape, seascape and rich architectural structures. He mostly paints outside his studio in the countryside, near the sea or in urban places. He adores painting in the bustling streets of Valletta, the narrow streets of Mdina or in the Cottonera area.

Painting out of doors always presents a number of difficulties, apart from leaving the artist very uncomfortable, with the varied conditions of the Maltese weather. It is a great challenge for him to work under such conditions whether it is windy, or raining in the bitter cold of an early winter’s morning or working under the blazing sun of a hot summer’s day. Notwithstanding such conditions, as already stated, the artist loves plein-air painting and it is one of his forte to work outside the studio. The artist enjoys every moment while he observes the beauty of our environment and then captures and transmits every detail of the scene on paper.

In recent years his work has evolved considerably. Joseph developed a signature style in watercolour painting which is unique and  impressive. The artist acknowledges the importance of the techniques of good drawing for any artist and indispensable for an artistic formation in art education before becoming a real master of the medium.

In this collection entitled A Brush with Passion, we are seeing today in this wonderful, historic setting of the Palace of the Grandmasters, one could value the artist’s abilities to create typical Maltese scenes which are familiar to us but expressed by the artist in a distinctive manner. We see studies of boats, reflections of buildings in the sea or the reflections of people bustling around in the busy streets of Valletta, and the characteristic scenes of the Maltese countryside.

Today Joseph Casapinta successfully achieved a very high level of sophistication in the art of watercolour painting and I am sure that he will continue to surprise us with other intriguing works in watercolour. I am sure that this medium will remain his greatest passion in his artistic journey.

Dr. Louis Laganà