Dancing Brushes Gallery And Studio

My artwork can be viewed at the "Dancing Brushes Gallery And Studio" at The Hilton Malta.

New B'Kara Studio

The studio is situated in 32, Triq il-Mithna, B'Kara just a block walking distance from the B'kara Windmill. The studio is geared up for any medium I have been using through my art years and is large enough to hold up to six students for art classes.

The Art Cove

A Paintings Gallery in collaboration with the Cavalieri Hotel. As a resident artist, the Art Cove is open 24hrs, all original works depicting Landscapes or Still life figurative art.

En Plein Air

Outdoor painting or as refered to as en plein air, offers all artists a great experience in every varied way of expressing themselves in art. Either on a sea or a landscape, facing trees or fields, wayside chapels.
Imagine that whatever paints you would have in your studio, whatever easel or stand that holds a stretched canvas or paper, any particular equipment you would need to paint with, all this is taken to a distant scene, landscape, seascape or village in a compact form to be easily carried and set up as a mobile studio.