San Anton Gardens – en plein air

By: Joseph Casapinta | 29 Jun 2015

Presidential Palace

This morning my en plein air session lead me to San Anton Gardens .  I had been wanting to paint the Presidential Palace in its full Glory for quite some time and with the sun already setting its pace, radiant tones of unimaginable blends reflected over the palace.  As I set up my easel and sketched away with a Faber pen, I wanted to create a very rough sketch as I did not want to lose the light that came from above me.  Anyway …. here is some information about San Anton Gardens.

Located in Attard Malta,  San Anton Palace and  its Gardens is the official residence of the Maltese President.  The Palace was built in 1636 by the Knights of Malta. It served as a summer residence for the Grand Master Antoine de Paule.  During the British, the Palace was the official residence of the Governor.

The gardens were opened to be enjoyed by the general public in 1882 and are perhaps the most beautiful from all Maltese gardens.  The layout of the gardens is formal and should you pay San Anton a visit, you will get the chance to wander through lovely walkways, gaze at many beautiful sculptures, fountains and ponds as well as see many beautiful varieties of trees and flowers from all across the globe.

san anton palace and gardens malta

san anton gardens malta
A Medieval gazebo located at the Presidential Palace’s gardens
The ponds are home to many ducks, swans, goldfish and some turtles too.  Some of the trees here are over 3 centuries old!

These large gardens are enclosed by high perimeter walls and provide that intimate private estate ambiance.

Nowadays, San Anton Gardens host a number of events each year, which include horticultural shows, open-air theatre and musical performances.

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