PRESS RELEASE – A Postcard from Malta

By: Joseph Casapinta | 11 Sep 2015

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Paintings by Joseph Casapinta from Malta in collaboration with Art-Promote-Association EifelArt to till 6th September.

Since a number of years it has been a tradition for the Art-Promote-Association EifelArt that during the town festival in Adenau presents an exhibition in collaboration with the Deutsch-Maltesische Gesellschaft (Maltese German Association). For its Association 20th anniversary, the association presented a collection of paintings by the Maltese artist Joseph Casapinta, titled “A Postcard from Malta”. The exhibition depicts paintings of the the Commandery in Adenau and several watercolours, the artist made during the year.

A larger than a postc18 Joseph (FILEminimizer)ard, the works of Casapinta depict his Country with the landscape and architectonic treasures in watercolour on the paper.
Magnificent buildings, public spaces as well as rambling courtyards and corners have been done, the Maltese landscapes, so full of atmosphere that the viewer believes to feel the wind, smell the sea and hear the lapping of the anchored boats.

Mayor Hoffmann often visited Malta, due to Adenau’s twinning with the Maltese town of Mellieha. During the exhibition’s inauguration on at Saturday 28th September, Mr. Hoffmann brought the power of expression through the images, accurately to the point stating “These watercolours remind me much more than the postcard from my last Malta-Visit on the sea, the wind and the most few clouds and s065un of Malta.”

The EifelArt Chairman Ms. Dietlind Greifenhagen introduced Joseph Casapinta as an artist who likes to 19 Joseph (FILEminimizer)work in the nature. During the next week he will be on move with his sketchpad in Adenau. Some views from Adenau are to admire in this exhibition. A watercolor showing the Church and the Commandery which the town received as a gift.

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