En Plein Air Kit

By: Joseph Casapinta | 27 Jun 2015

watercolour kit On my previous blog post I shared with you an aluminum bracket which attaches to a camera tripod turning it into an easel.  On this blog post I am sharing with you my personalized kit.  One of the main important things on your outdoor kit whether going down by the sea-side or traveling to a remote shore, is to keep things simple and light.  There is nothing more annoying than having to carry loads of stuff which wont need.  From the attached photo the following are included:

Camera easel and attached light wooden board, weighing just 2.5lb… from bottom left to right

– Sketch Pad for reference sketch or notes
– Pen Knife or utility knife
– Masking Tape
– Pen and Pencil pouch.  This includes and assortment of stationery
– Water Sprayer
– Collapsable water plastic can
– Assortment of brushes.  My selection consists of mop, flat and round brushes both in synthetic and pure squirrel hair.
– Paper Clips or Bulldog clips
– Enamel palette.  You can find a variety of traveling palettes both in brass and plastic.  My preference is in brass and enamel.
– Paper roll.  Lots …. this will come in handy … believe me!!!
– Extra colour tubes.  You can opt to travel without this pack, but I prefer to have my preferred colour selection.

Not in Picture

– Travelling bag.  I am using a pack sack which I carry on my back leaving my hands free to hold my carton folder with a selection of paper.
– Hat
– Sun screen,
– Insect repellant
– Extra small bottle of water both for washes and a drink 🙂

Depending on where you will be painting, I suggest that wearing kakhi clothing and a good pair of shoes both in summer and in winter keeps you warm or cool in every season.