4th November Exhibition titled – The Art….. Joseph Casapinta

By: Joseph Casapinta | 7 Oct 2016

Renowned Maltese artist, Joseph Casapinta will be launching his 10th solo exhibition, featuring his newest collection of watercolour paintings, on the 4th of November at Palazzo de Piro, Mdina. The artist’s latest works include watercolour pieces produced in his studio in B’Kara, but also, in the style of a true Impressionist, watercolour paintings done en plein air.


The large paintings introduced in this exhibition, a dominant feature in Casapinta’s new collection, display a free flowing style in watercolour. Indeed, the development in the artist’s technique, traced back to his first watercolour exhibition called “Dancing Brushes” and consequently evident in his three other solos, has evolved in a manner not easily achieved. Joseph Casapinta has undeniably reached new heights in his artistic performance, demonstrated by the confident, yet graceful strokes of his brush.


The exhibition will be entitled “Joseph Casapinta… The Art”, an intimate title which brings together two very important elements: the creator and his creation. A separate publication for this exhibition will provide a more in-depth look at Casapinta, both as the artist but also as a man.

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